vendredi 26 juin 2009

Emission du 27 juin

Cage the Elephant: In one eat (2009)
Sonic Youth: Walkin blue (2009)
Living Things: Brass Knuckles (2009)
The Obits: Pine on (2009)
Dapunksportif: I've been all over (Portugal - 2009)
Blues by Five: Boom Boom (1964) (J.L. Hooker)
The Animals: Boom Boom (1964) (J.L. Hooker)
Steve Aldo: Can I get a witness (1964)
Rolling Stones: Can I get a witness
Dave Berry: Don't gimme no lip child (1964)
Chris Farlowe: Treat her good (1965)
Graham Bond Organisation: Long tall shorty (1964)
Pretty Things: Get a buzz (1965)
Rod Stewart: Good morning little schoolgirl (1964)
Jeff Beck: Rock my plimsoul (1967)
Miles Davis: Darn that dream (1950)
Buck Clayton: All the cats join in (1956)
Stan Kenton: Artistry in blues (1957)