vendredi 26 mars 2010

Emission du 27 mars

Tennesse Ernie Ford: The cry of the wild goose (1952)
Happy Birthday: Eyes Music (2010)
Jonjo Feather: Rickenbaker baby (sortie le 10 mai)
Turbo Fruits: Trouble
Darwin Deez: The suicide song (sortie le 10 mai)
De Staat: We're gonna die (2010)
The Swamp: The rules of engagement (2010)
The Sliping Kangooroos: We don't care (2010)
The Parisians: I've got to go (2010)
Airbourne: Armed and dangerous (2010)
ACDC: Sin City (1978)
Cactus: Big Mama boogie (1971)
Mama Rosin: Bon temps rouler (2010)
Joe's Acadians: Ammend la nouvelle à ta mère (1938)
Colombus Fruge: Saut crapaud (1929)
Dr John: Bon temps rouler

vendredi 19 mars 2010

Emission du 20 mars

Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys: Misery (1947)
Son of Dave: Shake a bone (2010)
Fool's Gold: Ha Dvash (2010)
The Parisians: Next round is on me (2010)
The Swamp: My own rock n'roll band (2010)
Airbourne: Raise the flag (2010)
The Answer: Demon eyes (2009)
Alice Cooper: Unfinished Sweet (1973)
Led Zeppelin: Something else (1969)
Michael Cox: Too hot to handle (1958)
Jeannie & the Big Guys: Boys (1963)
Mort Shuman: Turn me loose (1959)
Humble Pie: C'mon Everybody (1973)
Bo Diddley: Before you accuse me (1958)
Little Junior's Blue Flame: Mystery Train (1955)
Hayden Thomson: Fairlane rock (1956)
Charlie Rich: Lonely weekends (1956)
Jimmy Swan: Country cattin'
Charlie Feathers: Bottle to the baby (1956)
The Five Keys: Close your eyes (1956)

vendredi 12 mars 2010

Emission du 13 mars

Pee Wee Hughes: Country boy blues (1949)
Airbourne: Back on the bottle (2009)
Goldheart Assembly: King of Rome (2010)
Malachai: Snowflake (sortie le 19 avril)
General Fiasco: Ever so shy (2010)
Zero: Sick to the bone (2010)
The Swamp: Vampire blues (2010)
Fat & the Crabs: J'aime les frites (2010)
Aerosmith: Milk cow blues (1977)
Led Zeppelin: When the levee breaks (1971)
Bob Dylan: The levee's gonna break (2006)
Bob Dylan: My blue eyed Jane (1997)
Pete Seeger: T for Texas
John Mellencamp: Gambling bar room blues (1997)
Jimmie Rodgers: Somewhere down below (1933)
Helen Humes: Be baba leba (1945)
Young John Watson: Space Guitar (1953)
Eddie Lang: Jet black blues (1929)

vendredi 5 mars 2010

Emission du 6 mars

Al Dexter: Pistol Packin' Mama (1943)
The Swamp: The rules of engagement (2010)
Quasi: Repulsion (2010)
Tender Forever: But the shape is wide (sortie le 8 mars)
Can: One more night (1972)
Ed-Ake: Electric Avenue (mars 2010)
D & the Zepp: Up and Down (sortie septembre 2010)
Pretty Things: Sittin' here all alone (1965)
Zombies: What more can I do (1966)
Who: My Generation - Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
Led Zeppelin: Communication Breakdown (1969)
Led Zeppelin: Immigrant song (1971)
Frank Zappa: Chunga's revenge (1970)
Frank Zappa: Anyway the wind blows (1968)
Frank Zappa: Son of Mr Green Genes (1969)