vendredi 22 mai 2009

Emission du 23 mai

The Obits: Pine on (Sub Pop 2009)
3 Bad Pigeons: ? (2009)
10 Rue de la Madeleine: La Belle Affaire (2009)
Be My Weapon: All were after ( David Freel (Swell) 2009)
Akron Family: Set em free (USA 2009)
Mudweiser: Missing in action (2009)
Jarvis Cocker: Further complications (2009)
Roxy Music: Both ends burning (1976)
Ben Harper & Relentless: Keep it together (2009)
The Parlor Mob: Real hard headed (2009)
Milton Brown & his Musical Brownies: Joe Turner blues
Chet Atkins: Frankie & Johnny
Dick McIntre & his Harmony Hawaiians: Hilo March
Roy Smeck: 12ht Street rag
Sol Hoopi & his Noveltytrio: Lepe ula ula

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