vendredi 14 août 2009

Emission du 15 août

Hellacopters: What'd ya do? (2002)
The Nomads: Primordial ooze (1991)
The Hives: Hate to say I told you so (2000)
The Blue Van: I want you (2005)
The Mooney Suzuki: I'm not talking (2002)
New Bomb Turks: Bolan's crash (1998)
Mike Ness: Don't think twice (1999)
Bob Dylan: Sittin' on the top of the world (1992)
The Rockridge Brothers: Coo Coo bird (sortie le 28/08/09)
Clarence Ashley: the Coo Coo bird (1929)
Big Brother & the Holding Company: Coo Coo
Slim & Slam: Laughing in rythm
Louis Jordan: Beans & Cornbread (1949)
Louis Jordan: Blue light boogie (1950)
Louis Jordan: If you're so smart, howcome you ain't rich (1951)
Professor Longhair: Whole lotta twistin'
Big Joe Turner: Bump Miss Suzie (1951)
Big Joe Turner: Rock me Mama (1941)
Big Joe Turner: My gal's a jockey (1946)
Big Joe Turner: Shake rattle & roll (1954)

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