vendredi 22 janvier 2010

Emission du 23 janvier

Hank Williams: I just don't like this kind of living (1950)
Basia Bulat: Heart of my own (sortie le 26 janvier)
Band of Skulls: Death by diamonds and pearls(18 janvier)
SIXX:A.M.: Life is beautiful
The Willowz: You do
Electric Geisha feat. Mr Tristan: Bubble Gum
The Searchers: Stand by me
Pretty Things: Don't bring me down (1965)
Who: Run Run Run
Zombies: Time of the season (1967)
The Wailers: Gunnin' for Peter (1960)
The Remo Four: Peter Gunn (1963)
The Champs: Caramba (1961)
The Shut Downs: Four in the floor
The Shut Downs: Straight away
The Pyramids: Pyramid's stomp
The Road Runners: Road Runnah
The Boswell Sisters: Shout sister shout (1931)
The Boswell Sisters: Heebie Jeebies (1930)
The Boswell Sisters: If it ain't love (1932)
The Boswell Sisters: Rock and roll (1934)
The Boswell Sisters: Mood Indigo (1933)

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lOlive a dit…

Super playlist!
Merci bcp pour l'émission d'hier.