samedi 4 décembre 2010

Emission du 4 décembre

Bob Dylan: Here Come Santa Claus (2009)
Fistful of Mercy: Father's Son (2010)
The Hub: A Voice Calling my Name (17 jan 2011)
Palavas Surfers: My Space (2010)
Oh No Oh My: You Were Right (2010)
Nasser: Come On (2010)
Inspector Cluzo: Zombie DJ Killers (2010)
Concrete Knives: Greyhound Racing (2010)
Dissonant Nation: We Play We Are (2010)
Mama Rosin: You Stole my Motorcycle Yeah (2010)
Mama Rosin: Le Two-step de l'haricot (2010)
Frank Zappa: The Gumbo Variations (1969)
Frank Zappa: the Nancy and Mary Music (1970)
Frank Zappa: Valarie (1971)

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