samedi 23 juillet 2011

Emission du 23 juillet

Hank Williams: Dear John (1951)
Hanni El Khatib: Buid, Destroy, Rebuild (26 septembre 2011)
Dark Captain: Bell curve (2011)
Waters: For the One (9 septembre 2011)
The Night Marchers: Whose Lady R U? (2008)
David Franck Keller: New Orleans (2011)
Rival Sons: Burn down Los Angeles (2011)
Tweak Bird: The Future (2010)
Mammoth Volume: Seagull (1999)
Guns N' Roses: Street of Dreams (2008)
American Dog: Cat has got you by the tongue (2009)
Glenn Campbell: It's over (1967)
John Mellencamp: Gambling bar room blues (1997)
Jimmie Rodgers: Those Gambler's blues (1930)
Jimmie Rodgers: Gambling bar room blues (1932)
Louis Armstrong: St James Infirmary (1928)
Walter Page's Blue Devils: Blue Devil blues (1929)
Emmet Miller: St Louis blues (1928)

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