lundi 25 juin 2012

Emission du 23 Juin

The Hall Effect: Hitman Story (2012)
Elderberries: Thermostat 7 (2012)
Zoe: Fat City (2011)
Jumping Jack: She Made No Resist (2012)
Beth Jean Houghton: Sweet Tooth Bird (2012)
Ladyhawke: Girl Like Me (2012)
Jack White: Weep Themselves To Sleep (2012)
The Coyotes' Dessert: Vampire (2012)
Dreamcatcher: i Will Spit On Your Grave (2012)
Nightingales: The Dishwater kid (2012)
The Obits: New August (2011)
These United States: Dead And Gone (2012)
Theo Hakola: This Land Is Not Your Land (2012)
The Sufis: Where Did I Go (2 juillet 2012)
The Heavy: Same Ol' (20 aout 2012)
Bobby Womack: The Bravest Man Of The Universe (2012)

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