jeudi 22 novembre 2012

Emission du 10 Novembre

The Hyènes: Die Deutschen (2012)
The Shell Corporation: Fuck'em (2012)
The Rebel Assholes: Come In My Church (Décembre 2012)
The Swamp: Swamp Soup (2012)
Dead Horse One: Alone (2012)
Les Snails: White Wedding (1994)
Noid: Clashing Daily (2012)
My Imaginary Loves: Rush (2012)
Sahara Hotnights: Fall Into Line (2001)
Andy Burrows: Keep Moving On (2012)
The Soft Boys: Mr Kennedy (2001)
New York Dolls: Runnin' Around (2007)
Praxis: Machine Gun (2004)

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