samedi 1 décembre 2012

Emission du 24 Novembre

Hill Valley: Let's Trip To Mars (2012)
Milkymee: A Little Bit Too Fast (2012)
Dead Horse One: Alone (2012)
Orange Bud: Paperplane (2012)
The Rebel Assholes: I'm Guilty (2012)
Amen: Fuck In L.A. (2004)
Alabama 3: Hello I'm Johnny Cash (2005)
Detroit Cobras: Hey Sailor-Right Around The Corner (2004)
Detroit Cobras: Hot Dog (2001)
Harmonic Generator: Nobody Dies (2012)
Collapse Machines: Killing Me Again (2012)
The Swamp: The Machine (2012)
Hathors: Keeping Secrets (2012)
The Hyènes: Black B (2012)
My Imaginary Loves: Marie Carangi (2012)
Soma: Nobody's Hotter Than God (2012)
Noïd: Clashing Daily (2012)

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