vendredi 13 novembre 2009

Emission du 14 novembre

Madeleine Peyroux: Bare bones (2009)
Strung out: Betrayal(2001)
The Hormonauts: Stayin' alive (2008)
The Flare-Up: To kill a Puerto Rican (2009)
John Mellencamp: Break me off some (1998)
Megafaun: Kaufman's ballad (2009)
Hell's Kitchen: 25's (2009)
The Parlor Mob: Carnival of crows (2009)
Alice Cooper: Generation landslide (1973)
The Journeymen: Workout
Sonny Fisher: Rockin' daddy
Lucky Joe Almond: Rock me
Lou Graham: Long gone daddy
Elvis Presley: Baby let's play house
The Fendermen: Muleskinner blues
Jimmie Rodgers: Blue yodel n°8 (1929)
Bobby Peterson Quintet: Mama get your hammer
Louis Jordan: My baby said yes
Little Richard: Get rich quick (1951)
The Orioles: Crying in the chapel (1952)
Black Joe Lewis & the Honey Bears: Humpin (2009)

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