vendredi 27 novembre 2009

Emission du 28 novembre

Bob Dylan: Life is hard (2009)
Man or Astroman: Many pieces of large fuzzy
the Wankin' Noodles: Little Minotaur (2009)
Cage the Elephant: In one eat (2009)
Tim Buckley: Morning glory (1967)
Dead Combo: Sunny (2004)
Arctic Monkeys: Potion approaching (2009)
Mudhoney: I have to laugh (1998)
Captain Beefheart: Grown so ugly (1967)
Captain Beefheart: Click Clack (1972)
Jackie Wilson & Linda Hopkins: Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
The Birds: You don't love me (1964)
Graham Bond Organization: Strut around
Sugar & the Spices: Do the dog
Ronnie Branam: Puppy dog love
Billy Starr: Hound dog
George Mc Cormick: Don't fix up the Doghouse
Billy Boyd: She's doggin' me (1937)
Betty Nickell: Hot dog
Wanda Jackson: Hot dog! That made him mad
Del Raney's Umbrellas: Can your hossie do the dog
The Stooges: I wanna be your dog

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