samedi 22 janvier 2011

Emission du 22 janvier

Hank Williams: Lovesick Blues (1948)
Funeral Party: Finale (2011)
Black Candy Store: Wounded (2011)
Zoe: Keep on Fighting (2011)
King Automatic: King Takes Queen (2011)
Ultrateckel: The Clitoris Song (2011)
Megafaun: Heretofore (2010)
Dick Annegarn: This Train (2011)
Sister Rosetta Tharpe: This Train (1941)
Dick Annegarn: Down in the Valley (2011)
Burl Ives: Down in the Valley
Dick Annegarn: Don't Think Twice, It's Allright (2011)
Bob Dylan: Don't Think Twice, It's Allright (1963)
Lena Horne: Careless Love (1941)
Dick Annegarn: Careless Love (2011)
Jimmie Rodgers: Those Gambler's Blues (1930)
Dick Annegarn: St James Infirmary (2011)
Jimmie Rodgers: Gambling Bar Room Blues (1932)
Coleman Hawkins & Leonard Feather's Esquire of Stars: Boff Boff (Mop Mop) (1943)

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