vendredi 11 février 2011

Emission du 12 février

Sheryl Crow: Long Gone Lonesome Blues (2001)
the Soulshake Express: Join The Carnival (2011)
the Waterlillies: You're Strong (2010)
The Chapman Family: Remarks (2011)
Gang of Four: At Home he's a Tourist (1979)
Gang of Four:You Don't Have to Be Mad (2011)
Gang of Four: Anthrax (1979)
Gang of Four:You'll Never Pay for the Farm (2011)
Rolling Stones: You Got The Silver (1969)
Who: The Seeker (1970)
Led Zeppelin: Communication Breakdown (1969)
Led Zeppelin: Since I've Been Loving You (1971)
Lucinda Williams: Cold, Cold Heart (2001)
Janis Martin: Drugstore Rock'n'Roll (1956)
Janis Martin: Let's Elope Baby (1956)
Sonia Cat-Berro: The Man I Love (2011)
Billie Holiday: The Man I Love (1939)
Clara Smith: Shipwrecked Blues (1929)

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