vendredi 4 février 2011

Emission du 5 février

Black Rain: Get a gun (2011)
Bukowski: The Grand Opening (2011)
Zoé: Time to take (2011)
Middleclass Rut: Busy bein' born (2011)
The Soulshake Express: Fixed up (2011)
The Flairs: Rebel Yell (2011)
Linndke: Tell me (mars 2011)
OK: Omelette Contest (mars 2011)
Caitlin Rose: Spare Me (2011)
Lloyd Cole: Like a broken record (2011)
Julian Angel: The Strong (2011)
Bob Dylan: Nashville skyline rag (1969)
Bob Wills: Fatboy rag (1938)
Bill Monroe: Country Waltz (1952)
Milton Brown: The waltz you saved for me (1936)
Sonia Cat-Berro: Still Loving You (mars 2011)
Paul Anka: Smells like teen spirit

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