vendredi 13 mai 2011

Emission du 14 mai

Hank Williams: Ramblin' Man (1951)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Leave me alone so I can rock again (2011)
Black Box Revelation: Rattle my heart (2011)
Vismets: She's a psycho, she's a hippie (2011)
The Obits: Milk cow blues (2009)
Kokomo Arnold: Milk cow blues (1934)
Sixx: A.M.: Sure feels right (2011)
Zoe: You shot me down (2011)
Randy Mandys: The way we are (2011)
Guma Guma: Love shoots (2011)
The Kat: Droit au blues (2011)
Lucinda Williams: Stop breaking down (1978)
Bob Dylan: You're no good (1962)
Merle Haggard: Walkin' the floor over you (1965)
Ernest Tubb: Walkin' the floor over you (1941)
Woody Guthrie: Muleskinner blues
Jimmie Rodgers: Blue Yodel number 8 (1930)
Jimmie Tarlton: Stow wicked blues (1929)
Son of The Pioneers: Cool Water (1945)

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