vendredi 6 mai 2011

Emission du 7 mai

Hank Williams: The blues come around (1947)
Towers of London: Fuck it up (2006)
Cortona: The beat is billig (2011)
The Obits: Everything looks better in the sun (2011)
The Obits: I blame you (2006)
Shaggy Dogs: Promise (23 mai 2011)
Duster 71: Some fun (2011)
American Dog: Motherfucker (2009)
Jet: Get what you need (2003)
The Blakes: Lie next to me (2007)
Bob Dylan: Drifter's escape (1967)
Carl Philips: Wigwam Willie
The Blue Echoes: It's witchcraft
Roger & the Markees: Liza Lee
Al Elias: King Kong
Round Robin: I'm a wolf man
Howlin' Wolf: Howlin' Wolf Boogie (1951)
Oscar "Buddy" Woods: Lone Wolf Blues (1936)
The Frantics: Werewolf

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