vendredi 26 mars 2010

Emission du 27 mars

Tennesse Ernie Ford: The cry of the wild goose (1952)
Happy Birthday: Eyes Music (2010)
Jonjo Feather: Rickenbaker baby (sortie le 10 mai)
Turbo Fruits: Trouble
Darwin Deez: The suicide song (sortie le 10 mai)
De Staat: We're gonna die (2010)
The Swamp: The rules of engagement (2010)
The Sliping Kangooroos: We don't care (2010)
The Parisians: I've got to go (2010)
Airbourne: Armed and dangerous (2010)
ACDC: Sin City (1978)
Cactus: Big Mama boogie (1971)
Mama Rosin: Bon temps rouler (2010)
Joe's Acadians: Ammend la nouvelle à ta mère (1938)
Colombus Fruge: Saut crapaud (1929)
Dr John: Bon temps rouler

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