vendredi 29 avril 2011

Emission du 30 avril

Hank III: I'm a long gone daddy (2001)
Sealegs: One two for you (2011)
The Obits: New August (2011)
Ollie Joe: Won't you be my friend (2011)
Cloud Control: Meditation number 2 (16 mai 2011)
Whau y Los Arrrghs: Demolicion (2011)
Hells Kitchen: From the start (2011)
Lipstick Vibrators: Lipstick Traces (2011)
The Pack A.D.: Big Anvil (2011)
Duster 71: Size does matter (2011)
Gene O'Quinn: Keep a-talkin' baby (1951)
Tex Ritter: Cattle Call (1947)
Billy Hughes Buckaroos: Take your hands off it (1946)
Cliffie Stone: Peepin' through the keyhole (1948)
Hank Williams Jr: Outlaw's reward (1985)
Bill Haley: Yodel your blues away (1948)
Howlin' Wolf: How many more years (1951)
Lead Belly: Packing Trunk blues (1935)
Dizzie Gillespie & Lalo Schifrin: Blues (1960)

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