vendredi 10 juin 2011

Emission du 11 juin

Hank Williams: A House without Love (1949)
The King Blues: We are Fucking Angry (2011)
Openightmare: Spartacus (2011)
Zoe: Fat City (2011)
Thurston Moore: Benediction (2011)
Old Fashion Ladies: A Fool's Chance (2011)
Wonderbar: Wash your Mind (2011)
Rivals Sons: Pressure & Time (2011)
La Rotule 50's: Loosing Time (2010)
Johnny Winter: Johnny B Goode (1971)
Johnny Winter: Drinkin Blues (1977)
Cotton Blues: Blues Soldier (2011)
Bjorn Berge: Killin Floor (2009)
Wynonie Harris: All She Wants to Do is Rock (1949)
Ralph Willis: I'm gonna Rock (1949)
Pee Wee Hughes: Country Boy Blues (1949)
Lalo Guerrero: Marijuana Boogie (1949)
Dave Bartholomew: Mr Fool (1949)
Babs Gonzales: St Louis Blues (1949)

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