vendredi 3 juin 2011

Emission du 4 juin

Hank Williams: Lonesome whistle (1951)
Rivals Sons: Pressure and Time (2011)
Fu Manchu: Shake it loose (2007)
Rambling Wheels: the Deciders (2010)
Fangs: Automatic Rock'n'Roll (2011)
Caitlin Rose: Spare me (2010)
Wendy James: New Wave (2011)
Thurston Moore: Blood never lies (2011)
Megafaun: Carolina days (2011)
the Swamp: Vampire blues (2009)
The Pupils: We are the pupils (2011)
Les Soldes: Set the fire (2011)
La Rotule 50's: Lost in the highway (2010)
Jim Anderson & Red Scales: Hootenanny special
The Vectors: Downhill
The Obits: Spot the pikey (2011)
The Chords: Sh-boom (1954)
The Five Keys: Ling ting tong (1954)
The Marcels: Allright, okay, you win (1961)
Frank Zappa: cheap thrills (1968)
Frank Zappa: Willie the pimp (1969)

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