samedi 13 novembre 2010

Emission du 13 novembre

Johnny Cash: Get Rythm
The Black Stout: Voices of Generation (2010)
The Parlor Mob: When I Was an Orphan (2009)
Randy Mandys: Cold inert Mineral (2010)
American Dog: god of Thunder (2009)
Driving Dead Girl: don't wanna Talk about that girl anymore (2010)
Dead Duck: Sweeet (2010)
Waterlillies: Song for Alison (2010)
Jeff Lang: I don't Like Him being in Here (2010)
Who: Happy Jack (1967)
Who: leaving Here (1965)
Blur: Substitute
Pretty Things: You'll never do it Baby (1965)
Lavern Baker: I want to Rock (1950)
Louis Jordan: Bluelight Boogie (1950)
The Clovers: One Mint Julep (1952)
Roy Brown: Hurry Hurry Baby (1952)

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