vendredi 1 avril 2011

Emission du 2 avril

Tom Petty: You're gonna change (or I'm gonna leave) (2001)
Beady Eye: Wind up dream (2011)
The Obits: No fly list (2011)
The Chapman Family: Anxiety (2011)
The Pack A.D.: Big Anvil (2011)
Kill The Young: I don't want to fight with you anymore (26 avril 2011)
Pat Kebra: Héros (21 mai 2011)
Duster 71: Slide (2011)
Hell's Kitchen: Wait (28 avril 2011)
Jeff Lang: I want to believe (2010)
Steve Miller Band: Don't cha know (2010)
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant: Silk
Guitarwolf: UFO Romantics (2002)
Brian Setzer: Get Rythm (2005)
The Wild Ones: Got my Mojo Working (1987)
Alexis Korner: I've got my Mojo working (1962)
Crazy Cavan: Old Black Joe (1981)
Alfred Bacon: Old Black Joe (1917)

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