vendredi 8 avril 2011

Emission du 9 avril

Drive By Truckers: I do believe (2011)
Clown Age: Apo (2011)
Clock N'Works: Mister Hides (2011)
Duster 71: She does it right (2011)
Doctor Feelgood: She does it right (1975)
Mannish Boys: Backwater blues (2011)
Hells Kitchen: Right Away (28 avril 2011)
The Holy Curse: No way out there (28 mai 2011)
The Feeling Of Love: Cellophane face (26 avril 2011)
The Obits: Spot the Pikey (2011)
The Obits: New August (2011)
Paul Revere & The Raiders: Ain't nobody who can do it like Leslie can (1966)
Paul Revere & The Raiders: Oh! to be a man (1967)
The Byrds: Hey Joe (1966)
The Byrds: Tribal Gathering (1967)
The Byrds: I'm a Pilgrim (1968)
Merle Travis: I'm a Pilgrim
Slim Whitman: I'm casting my lasso towards the sky
Kentucky Ramblers: Ginseng blues (1932)
Dock Boggs: Old rub alcohol blues
Buell Kazee: old whisker, the Moonshiner

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