lundi 12 août 2013

Emission du 3 Aout

Reef: Feed Me (1995)
Von Pariahs: Still Human (30 sept. 2013)
Little Green Fairy: I Believe In Miracles (2013)
Lords Of Altamont: Buried From The Knees Down (2007)
Barrence Whitfield & The Savages: Hangman's Token (2013)
Pissed Jeans: Spent (2009)
Cats On Trees: Too Much (14 oct. 2013)
Tommy Gann: Talk To Me (2011)
Deap Vally: Creep Life (2013)
The Baptist Generals: Broken Glass (2013)
Saints: Demolition Girl (1977)
Saints: Do The Robot (1978)
Stereophonics: Who Are You (2001)
Who: I Can See For Miles (1967)
Bob Dylan: When The Ship Comes In (1964)
Bob Dylan: it's Alright Ma (1965)

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