vendredi 20 mars 2009

Emission du 21 mars

Aeroflot: Fur Zimmer
Bob & Lisa: Wishing Room (sortie album16 mars 2009, Vicious Circle)
The Bellrays: Voodoo Train (2003)
Vetiver: Strictly rule
Powersolo: Gimme the drugs (sortie album 12 mai)
Zarboth: Realize
Joseph Arthur: Sunrise dolls
Slayer: Catatonic
Weezer: We are all on drugs
Weezer: Dope nose
Weezer: Hash Pipe
Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys: Bob Wills Schottische (1947)
Hank Williams: Lone gone lonesome blues (1950)
Milton Brown & his Musical Brownies: Easy ridin' papa (1936)
Neal Jones: I'm playing it cool (1954)
Hank Penny: I'm singing the blues (1944)
Jimmie Rodgers: Jimmie's Texas blues
Johnny Cash: Cocaine blues

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