vendredi 23 octobre 2009

Emission du 24 octobre

The Flare-Up: Tu kill a Puerto Rican
The Love Me Nots: The kinda love I got
Plasticines: Another kiss
Donnas: You make me hot (2009)
Donnas: You wanna get me high (2002)
Pearl Jam: Amongts the waves (2009)
Budam: Clap hands (2009)
Hell's Kitchen: Welcome Everybody (2009)
Bjorn Berge: Killing floor (2009)
The Experimental Tropic Blues Band: Goddamm blues
The Experimental Tropic Blues Band: Hippidy Hop
The Five Keys: Ling Ting Tong (1954)
The Coasters: Riot in cell block #9 (1954)
The Dubs: Don't ask me to be lonely (1958)
The Marcels: Allright, Okay, You win (1961)
Johnny Otis & the Robins: I'm through (1950)
Johnny Otis & Linda Hopkins: Doggin blues (1951)
Nellie Lutcher: Fine & Mellow (1947)
L. Armstrong & B. Holiday: My sweet hunk o'trash (1949)

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