samedi 24 décembre 2011

Emission du 24 Décembre

Otis Redding: Merry Christmas Baby
Hank Williams: Move It On Over (1947)
Black Bomb A: Pedal To The Metal (30 jan 2012)
Grand Central: Pacific (2011)
Ta Gueule: Boire Ou Servir (2011)
Slit Plasters: 2'50" Of A Neanderthal Truth (2011)
Elvis Presley: White Christmas (1957)
Dick Annegarn: Love Me Tender (2011)
Lords Of Altamont: Gettin' High (2011)
Urine: Life Is A Fairy Tale (2011)
The Pack a.d.: Positronics (2011)
Hanni El Khatib: Heartbreak Hotel (2011)
Rival Sons: Pressure & Time (2011)
Bob Dylan: Little Drummer Boy (2009)
Vintage Trouble: Blues Hand Me Down (2011)
Amy Winehouse: Our Day Will Come (2011)
Excitements: Wait A Minute (2011)
The Emotions: What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas
Yvonne Schmidt: Born Under A Bad Sign (2010)
Seasick Steve: Back In The Doghouse (2011)
Delta Saints: Callin' Me Home (2011)

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