samedi 3 décembre 2011

Emission du 3 Décembre

Hank Williams: Honky Tonkin' (1947)
The Blue: Blow On The White Line (2011)
Palavas Surfers: J'irai surfer sur vos tombes (2010)
Massey Ferguson Memorial: Keep a-Goin' (2010)
Urine: Life Is A Fairy Tale (2011)
Stuck In The Sound: Brother (2011)
Oh! Tiger Mountain: 1995 (2011)
The Dukes: The Stooge (2011)
Papa Legba: Lazy bones Blues (2011)
Jeanne Added: Little Red Corvette (2011)
Wooden Wand: Scorpian Glow (2011)
Leon McAuliffe: Panhandle Rag (1949)
Cliffie Stone: Peepin' Through The Keyhole (1948)
Merle Travis: Sixteen Tons (1947)
Jimmie Widener: Shuffle Town (1947)
Jimmy Wyble: No More Blues (1947)
Buck Roberts: Big Beaver (1947)
Luke Wills & his Rythm Busters: Shut Up And Drink Your Beer (1947)
Johnny Lee Wills: Milk Cow Blues (1947)

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