vendredi 2 janvier 2009

Emission du 3 janvier

The Answer: No questions asked
Locksley: She does
The Bronx: Knifeman
The Craftmen Club: To the surface
Persephone's Bees: Nice Day (pub des Pages Jaunes)
The Blakes: Lie next to me
Lovin Spoonful: Didn't want to have to do it (1966)
Lou Reed: Blue Mask
The Ramones: Surf City (version originale par Jan and Dean)
The Wailers: Mau Mau (1959)
Ray Smith: Right behind you baby
Linda Gail Lewis: Nothin' Shakin' (petite soeur de Jerry Lee)
Jimmy de Berry et Walter Horton: Easy
Sonny Burgess: My bucket's got a hole in it (Tex Williams) repris par Hank Williams
Charlie Rich: Sittin' and thinkin'
Jerry Lee Lewis: Little Queenie (Chuck Berry) repris par les Rolling Stones
Buddy Rich: Route 66 (Bobby Troup) (1946)
Buddy Rich: Uptight (1966) repris par Stevie Wonder
Buddy Rich: Norwegian Wood (Lennon - Mc Cartney) (1967)
Buddy Rich: Alfie (David - Bacharach) (1968)

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