vendredi 30 janvier 2009

Emission du 31 janvier

Rachel Unthank & the Winterset: Blackbird
Girlschool: Spend Spend Spend
Woven Hand: Kicking bird
The Craftmen Club: Sexodrome
Dr Feelgood: Roxette
The Kinks: She's got everything
The Arctic Monkeys: Baby I'm yours
Undertones: When saturday comes
Towers of London: Air Guitar
Eric Clapton: Tribute to Elmore
Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart: You shook me
Roy Hogsed: Cocaine blues
Zeke Clements: Oklahoma blues (1948)
Bob Wills: Brain cloudy blues (1946)
Bill Monroe: Rocky road blues (1945)
Shelley Lee Alley: Women Women Women (1937)
Dockboggs: Country blues (1927)
Jimmie Davis: A woman's blues (1030)
Lead Belly: Homesick and lonesome blues
Jimmie Rodgers: Mississipi Delta blues
The Stooges: L.A. Blues

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